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Register now for the Erfurt Science Slam!

The University of Erfurt is giving science a stage – on Wednesday, 18 October, at the "Science Slam". It starts at 6 p.m. – this year, for once, not in the theatre "Die Schotte", but directly on campus, in lecture hall 1 of the Centre for Communication and Information (KIZ). All interested parties are cordially invited. Admission is free.

At the "Science Slam", scientists can interest and inspire their audience in their own research topic in a unique way and away from their peers. Meanwhile, the audience gets to see science presented in an entertaining way that everyone can understand, and at the end they get to vote for the best performance. For a given occasion, the "Science Slam" has a special motto this year. This is because the University of Erfurt is officially inaugurating its new research building "World Relations" on the same day, and so this time the slammers are also called upon to present their research (questions) and findings on this topic – in ten-minute, generally understandable presentations. As always, any tool may be used for this purpose. What counts is to captivate the audience and thus win the coveted winner's trophy.

By the way: If you would like to participate as a slammer, please contact the Research and Graduate Services department at nachwuchsfoerderung@uni-erfurt.de to get in touch. The employees will be happy to provide you with all the details.

We recommend that visitors register as seating is limited.


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