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By now firmly established in Erfurt’s calendar of events: Science on stage! Once a year in November the University of Erfurt invites the interested public to the Science Slam.

What is it about? Each slammers gets ten minutes to present their research projects in an entertaining and generally comprehensible. All tools  are allowed. The goal: enthral the audience and win the Erfurt Science Slam trophy!

When and Where?

Information about date and place for the next Erfurt Science Slam will be give here due notice.

Review 5th Erfurt Science Slam

Science Slam 2019

Winner: Sarah Eckardt
Topic of the slam: „Wer entbindet hier eigentlich wen?“
Report on the 5th Science Slam


Review 4th Erfurt Science Slam

Science Slam 2018

Winner: Dominique-Marcel Kosack


Topic of the slam: „In welchem Zimmer spielen eigentlich die Theologen?“
Report on the 4th Science Slam


Review 3rd Erfurt Science Slam

Science Slam 2017

Winner: Josefin Kaufhold
Topic of the slam: Die 5-Saiten-Kantele
Report on the 3rd Science Slam


Review 2nd Erfurt Science Slam

Science Slam 2016

Winner: Stephen Walsh


Topic of the slam: Power of Maps
Report on the 2nd Science Slam



Review 1st Erfurt Science Slam

Winner: Nina Mackert
Report on the first Science Slam


Sarah Eckardt, Winner of the Science Slams 2019: Wer entbindet hier eigentlich wen?

Thumbnail Sarah Eckardt

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