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Replacement of the SPAM protection for e-mail systems

The license agreement for the current IronPort SPAM protection system expires on August 30, 2020 and will not be renewed. This SPAM protection will in future be provided by the DFN-MailSupport service.

In opposite to the IronPort SPAM protection system, DFN-MailSupport does not quarantine suspicious emails outside the mailbox, but marks them as SPAM and delivers them. Centrally set filters ensure that the marked emails are stored in defined SPAM folders. The SPAM folders named "Junk" or "Junk e-mail" are automatically created in the mailboxes if they do not already exist.

Caution: After the change, you should regularly check whether any important emails have been filed there. An automatic cleaning of the SPAM folders is not implemented. As a user, you also should do this yourself from time to time.

The SPAM protection is scheduled to be changed on August 3. This will give you the opportunity to release emails from the local SPAM quarantine until the end of the IronPort contract (retention period 21 days).

If you have any questions regarding the change, please contact the URMZ ServiceDesk.