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This is how the federal parties position themselves before the election...

Have you seen this? Last semester, as part of a seminar in the Studium Fundamentale, students at the University of Erfurt examined the "Bundestag" election programmes of the largest parties represented in the "Bundestag". Accompanied by André Brodocz, Professor of Political Theory, they examined the parties and their programmes on the basis of twelve policy areas. The results are now available in a blog - just in time for the "Bundestag" elections in September.

The topics are extremely diverse. With one click, the fields of agricultural policy, education policy, rural areas, mobility & transport, the world of work, European policy, climate & environment, new social media, foreign policy, family policy, migration policy as well as economy and finance can be called up. Example foreign policy: To get an overview of the basic positions of the individual parties (AfD, CDU/CSU, SPD, DIE LINKE, FDP, Bündnis 90/GRÜNE), the statements from their election programmes on the most important foreign policy issues are summarised in several tables. With a further click, the user can find out more about these different positions.

In addition, different aspects are examined more closely in a podcast. For example, episode 1 "The agony of choice - How will Germany position itself in foreign policy?" deals with the United Nations and international law. And episode 2 asks "How to deal with Russia?".

A lot of work for the students, but the result is impressive. And at the same time it gives a wonderful overview - not only for all those who have not yet decided where to put their cross on 26 September.