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Summer Academy 2021: "Freedom – Resistance – Human Dignity"

This year there will again be a summer academy as part of the "Coordinates of Europe" project of the Diocese of Limburg (Martin W. Ramb) and the Professorship for Philosophy at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt (Prof. Dr. Dr. Holger Zaborowki). While last year's topic was "Solidarity and Responsibility", the 2021 event will focus on "Freedom – Resistance – Human Dignity" and will take place in Görlitz from 8 to 14 August. Young people up to the age of 35 are invited.

Europe has discovered freedom: European freedom is the freedom of the individual, of the person who has a special dignity – human dignity. It recognises the limits of human existence and remains ordered towards a culture of law and justice. At the same time, however, freedom is always at risk; it sometimes threatens to be unjustifiably restricted or even abolished altogether. This is precisely why it must sometimes be protected against its enemies. We call such an attitude "resistance". But what kind of resistance is justified at all? What are the sources of genuine resistance? Is there not also a misuse of the rhetoric of resistance, such as we hear again and again from the new right to the so-called "Querdenker" (Lateral thinker) to extreme left-wing groups? What did the struggle for freedom and resistance look like in concrete terms in the GDR and Eastern Europe? The Summer Academy will explore these questions and discuss them from different perspectives (politics, history, culture, literature, philosophy, religion) with interesting discussion partners. The event in the Sankt Wenzeslaus Stift at the gates of Görlitz offers the ideal conditions for this. A podcast project that actively involves all participants will accompany the academy.

The programme for the Summer Academy 2021 can be found in the flyer in the margin on the right. You will also find information about the venue and the participation fees.

Registration for the Summer Academy is still possible until 1 June 2021 via the registration form at: www.sommerakademie-europa.eu.

Further information / Contact:

Holger Zaborowski
Prof. Dr. Dr. Holger Zaborowski
Holder of the Professorship for Philosophy
(Faculty of Catholic Theology)
Mitarbeitergebäude 3 (Villa Martin) / Room 7
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