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Students are entitled to emergency care for their children

The Thuringian Student Services Centre (Studierendenwerk Thüringen) informs that with the Thuringian Corona Ordinance, which came into force today, students are also entitled to emergency care for their children in day care facilities according to § 20 paragraph 4 c) if they have to "take necessary examinations and internships or attend classes in preparation for examinations".

A certificate from the university is sufficient proof. Furthermore, it must be shown in an informal manner that no other reasonable childcare option can be guaranteed, in particular by other legal guardians.

The Studierendenwerk will provide emergency care for eligible students in its day care centres from 14 days before the first examination up to and including the day of the last examination, insofar as the capacity of the facilities permits. The capacity of the emergency care is exhausted when the facility has reached 2/3 of the normal occupancy. Please note that this interpretation can only be made for day care facilities of the Stw. Should the students' children attend the facilities of other providers, their specifications may differ from those stated here.

Currently, all day care centres in the Free State only offer emergency care of up to eight hours. Should the facilities actually change back to level yellow (restricted regular operation) from 22 February 2021, as announced by Minister Holter, all parents will in principle also be entitled to care for their children. Due to the restrictions associated with the yellow level (fixed groups, fixed staff, etc.), this may lead to a reduction of the childcare hours to six hours per day.