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Summer School 2024 of the Seminar for Media and Communication Studies

1. Sep 2024 - 7. Sep 2024
Seminar for Media and Communication Studies
Dr Markus Seifert and Henriette Pohle, M.A.
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This year, the Summer School will take us to the Baltic Sea in September, to the harbour, bathing and fishing resort of Warnemünde.

Students and lecturers live and work in real overseas containers in the DOCK INN Hostel, "Germany's coolest hostel ever". This year there will again be two seminar options to choose from and it is planned that Dr Markus Seifert and Henriette Pohle, M.A. will be there. Studying on site will be supplemented by excursions, sports at and on the sea, film evenings and a climbing hall right next door.

About the Summer School

The Erfurt Communication Studies Summer School has a long tradition at the University of Erfurt. As the name suggests, it combines excursions with joint academic work. Here, students have the opportunity to get to know another country and to deal with academic and practical media topics and projects off campus. The mostly unusual seminars, the topics of which are agreed upon together with the students, also offer a valuable expansion of one's own horizons beyond the everyday university life. The focus is on discussions and analyses that give participants a deep insight into current research areas.

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