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The central post office at the University of Erfurt will be reorganized

The central post office at the University of Erfurt will be reorganized as of January 1, 2021. This means that the previous mailrooms of the university and the University Library will be merged into one central post office and assigned to Department 4: Facility Management.

The central post office will primarily perform the following tasks:

Contact and receiving point

  •     contact point for all University employees in all mail and dispatch matters
  •     first point of contact for all University suppliers and, if necessary, forwarding to other areas
  •     acceptance of deliveries for the administration of the University Library
  •     contact person and key issuing for the craftsmen in the University Library

Incoming mail

  •     acceptance of letters and parcels; documentation tasks incoming mail
  •     determination of the recipient for whom the respective mail item is intended
  •     delivery by sorting into the appropriate mailboxes, distribution within the University Library or transfer to the internal courier service
  •     processing of parcels with returns, loans / interlibrary loans and book shipments from suppliers; verification of book invoices.
  •     book transport service: unpacking of tubs, sorting and distribution by library; repacking of shipments from Gotha Research Library and University of Applied Sciences Erfurt for onward transport
  •     keeping the incoming mail book of the university library

Outgoing mail

  •     documentation tasks for outgoing mail, compilation of data for surveys and statistics on mail and parcel volumes
  •     determination and recording of all relevant data for franking as well as cost and performance accounting in the respective software for all outgoing mail
  •     enveloping, franking and handover to driver, mail delivery service or courier
  •     handing over media deliveries to courier
  •     packing of parcels for returns and bookbinders
  •     processing of interlibrary loans for book transport dervice or postal shipment
  •     preparation of customs shipments