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The energy transition in ASEAN states – How to move forward?

Prof. Andreas Goldthau joined Regina Mayor (KPMG) and Datu Haji Sharbini Suhali (Sarawak Energy) to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition in ASEAN countries at the Asia School of Business 2021 Leadership for Enterprise Sustainability Asia flagship conference.

© tdahl/31images (2021), Pixabay.com

On a high-level panel held online on November 17, 2021, Prof. Andreas Goldthau pointed to the importance and benefits of a deeply connected energy market. The EU’s experience with integrated markets and cross-country grids in gas and electricity may be instructive for ASEAN as well. Furthermore, designing transition policies is key. For example, ill-designed support policies made some EU countries suffer from overrunning energy costs. Most of all, however, ASEAN countries should aim for a transition pathway avoiding creating economic losers, as it may turn them against the decarbonization project. The panel was moderated by ASB’s Professor Renato Lima.