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Upcoming event: Cornelia Betsch as keynote speaker at the International Conference of Social Dilemmas (ICSD)

After the 2021 conference had to be postponed due to the pandemic, the 19th International Conference on Social Dilemmas (ICSD) will now take place from 19-22 July 2022 in Copenhagen/Denmark.

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Betsch will act as a keynote speaker and give a lecture entitled: "Health games: an opportunity to improve evidence-based policy making" with reference to the current research project Health Games. All keynotes will be broadcast online.

Behavioural scientist Dr. Mattis Geiger, who has been a research associate in Cornelia Betsch's Health Communication group at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg since April 2022, will also give a lecture entitled "When decision making becomes truly difficult: Emotional reactions to pain and money incentivized social dilemmas ".

The International Conference on Social Dilemmas (ICSD) brings together young researchers and world-leading scholars from different disciplines from all over the world who work to better understanding and solving social dilemmas. Social dilemmas are situations in which self-interest conflicts with collective interests. Some of the most pressing issues of our time can be thought of as social dilemmas, such as mitigating climate change, reducing intergroup conflict, or curbing the spread of infectious diseases.

Visit the conference website to view the programme: https://www.icsd2022.org/


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