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About a boat trip around the Black Sea

Kai Brodersen, Professor of Ancient Culture at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Erfurt, has just published a bilingual edition of an ancient travelogue around the Black Sea.

The "Snake Island" in the Black Sea is present in the news today, but was already famous in antiquity: the Homeric hero Achilles and his lover Patroclus were worshipped here. Lucius Flavius Arrianos wrote down this and much more information from the mythology and history of the Black Sea region for the Roman Emperor Hadrian soon after 130 AD. In a combination of friendly private letter, military and diplomatic report and learned discourse, the author describes a navigation around the Black Sea, i.e. a periplus of the Pontos Euxeinos.

Several centuries later, this writing - still under the name of Arrianos - was updated and expanded. The new edition by Kai Brodersen offers both works in German translation for the first time and presents them in a bilingual edition to all those interested in the ancient Black Sea area.

Kai Brodersen
Periplus Ponti Euxini
Arrianos / Anonymus
bilingual edition: German, Ancient Greek
Speyer: KDV, 2022
ISBN: 3939526517
EAN: 9783939526513
136 pages