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University founder Anika Luthardt wins Thuringia Foundation Prize 2022

The Founders Service of the University of Erfurt would like to congratulate our student, founder and winner of the University of Erfurt's Start-up Ideas Competition (GIW) 2021, Anika Luthardt, on winning the Thuringian Start-up Prize "ThEx Award 2022" in the category "Impulsgeberin". The prize is endowed with 10,000 euros.


As part of a successful business succession, Anika was able to convince the expert jury of the ThEx Award 2022 with her company "Feels like Erfurt" and her team, consisting of students from our University, and will receive prize money of 10,000 euros. From all the applications submitted in the ThEx Award categories FOUNDING, START-UP and FOLLOW-UP, the jury selected a founder or entrepreneur who has set a special impulse in and for Thuringia due to her history, activity or vision.

The Founders Service of the University of Erfurt was able to provide Anika (and her comrade-in-arms Luise) with professional and conceptual support in developing new products in consultations and as participants in the GIW 2021 of the University of Erfurt. In addition to winning the GIW 2021 in the category "General Start-ups", which was endowed with 1,000 euros, "Feels like Erfurt" was recently able to successfully complete a crowdfunding campaign for "erfurt.unboxt" - the city discoverer box, raising over 15,000 euros for the further marketing of their product. The Founders Service provided support here in terms of campaign communication, among other things. For more information, we also recommend the portrait of Anika from Wirtschaftsspiegel Thüringen.
We would also like to congratulate all participants and winners of the ThEx Award 2022!