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University of Erfurt again announces prize for internationalisation

The University of Erfurt is once again offering its prize for internationalisation. In doing so, it honours the commitment of its professors and academic staff who have rendered outstanding services to internationalisation. The aim is to ensure the continuity and long-term implementation of international course content and research cooperation, and thus to increase the visibility of the University in a national and international context. Proposals can be submitted until September, 30.

Exemplary projects that are currently underway as well as already tested cross-border formats of cooperation in teaching and research are considered worthy of an award: for example, projects that contribute to understanding between peoples and countries through personal exchange as well as to the solution of global challenges, which promote the international reputation and visibility of the University of Erfurt, measures to increase international mobility, projects to expand digital cooperation formats, the implementation of an internationally oriented course of study or the establishment of international components in the curriculum of non-mobile students (internationalisation at home). The prize can be awarded to one or more persons. University members, faculties and central institutions can submit proposals or apply themselves. In addition, the student council can submit proposals. In the case of an individual application, at least one letter of support is required, but it should not be from a person of the same professorship.

The prize money is 3,000 € for the first place, 2,000 € for the second place and 1,000 € for the third place. The Advisory Board for International Affairs will make a preliminary selection and propose prize winners to the Presidium. The prize is awarded by the Vice-President for International Affairs. The prize money can be used for international projects in teaching and research. This is intended, among other things, to provide more intensive and targeted support for existing activities and new international cooperation.

Further Information / Contact:
Prof. Dr. Heike Grimm
Vice President for International Affairs
e-mail: heike.grimm@uni-erfurt.de

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