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University of Erfurt congratulates successful trainees

The University of Erfurt congratulates Anne Höhlein, who today received her diploma as an administrative assistant after successfully completing her training.

Anne Höhlein (r.) together with the person responsible for training at the University of Erfurt, Susan Brand
Susan Brand, the person responsible for training at the University of Erfurt (l.), congratulated Anne Höhlein on successfully completing her training.

In a small ceremony, the University recognised the achievements of its trainees. Anne Höhlein began her training as an administrative assistant in September 2020. In the process, she got to know the departments of the university - and thus the broad spectrum of tasks of a university administration from work organisation to office management processes, human resources, budgeting, accounting, health and safety at work and procurement. "We are pleased that Anne Höhlein will be staying with us following her training," explained Susan Brand, the person responsible for training at the University of Erfurt. In the future, she will be employed in the secretariat at the Faculty of Philosophy.

David Herz, who completed his training at the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ), already received his graduation certificate on 30 June and left at the end of his training.

Nadine Pippus-Wehlisch, Head of the Human Resources Department, explains: "Trainees are always an asset to the University. They bring in a breath of fresh air and new perspectives and encourage us to constantly question and, if necessary, improve what we already have. They can be proud of themselves, but of course we are also proud of them. We wish them every success in their challenging professional lives and always nice colleagues.