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Welcome, Fabian Prochazka!

We are happy to welcome a new face at the University of Erfurt. May we introduce? Fabian Prochazka - Junior Professor of communication studies with a focus on interpersonal communication in the context of digitalisation at the Faculty of Philosophy.

Fabian Prochazka
Fabian Prochazka

The 34-year-old came to the Thuringian state capital from the University of Hohenheim on 1 May because Erfurt is, as he says himself, "an excellent location in communication studies and the colleagues here do very relevant and innovative research with many points of connection to my own work". He was also convinced by the unique concept of the degree programmes here: "A personal aptitude test, the project study phase in the Bachelor's degree and specialised Master's degree programmes ensure very motivated students and a really good supervision ratio." But also for living, Erfurt is exactly the kind of city Prochazka likes: manageable, yet urban and lots of green in the surrounding area. "And so this junior professorship shortly after my doctorate has been an outstanding career option for me. An opportunity like this doesn't come along very often. So I took it."

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