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What does Covid-19 imply for sustainable energy transitions?

In this new article, published with Energy Research and Social Sciences, Prof Andreas Goldthau, together with an interdisciplinary team of researchers, considers the implications of Covid-19 for the politics of sustainable energy transitions.

Discussion focuses on four key themes that shape the politics of sustainable energy transitions: (i) the short, medium and long-term temporalities of energy system change; (ii) practices of investment around clean-tech and divestment from fossil fuels; (iii) structures and scales of energy governance; and (iv) social practices around mobility, work and public health. While the effects of the pandemic continue to unfold, some of its sectoral and geographically differentiated impacts are already emerging. The authors conclude that the politics of sustainable energy transitions are now at a critical juncture, in which the form and direction of state support for post-pandemic economic recovery will be key. The article is available open access under this link.