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+++ Attention, will be postponed to 2022! +++ Workshop: "That little bit of housekeeping..."

The Equal Opportunities Office of the University of Erfurt, in cooperation with the University Health Management, is offering two workshops for its students and employees on the topic: "That little bit of housekeeping takes care of itself... – (fairly) sharing family work and mental load". The speaker is Nils Seiler, a lecturer on parenting issues from Berlin.

The online workshop will take place on 29 November from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. for students, the date for employees is 3 December, also from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (participation does not count as working time). Participation is limited to a maximum of twelve persons per date. Please register by 24 November by email to gleichstellungsbuero@uni-erfurt.de. You will then receive the access data by e-mail in good time before the event.

How do you imagine a fair division of labour in the family/partnership? How close do you yourself come to this wishful thinking? Who has everything in view and in mind at home? And what approaches are there to redistribute work? The online workshop is intended to provide impulses on these questions as well as strategies for action and communication and to facilitate exchange among the participants. It will be held in German and is aimed at employees and students with family responsibilities – and parents-to-be are also welcome.

The following topics are on the agenda:

  •  What does "fair division of tasks" mean?
  • Numbers please! Family and care work - also a gender issue
  • "Honey, are you still thinking about...!" - Mental Load in the Family
  • Involving children/family members better and discussing tasks in a goal-oriented way