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"WortMelder" - the University of Erfurt's science podcast goes online with its first episode

Listen in: The first episode of the University of Erfurt's science podcast "WortMelder" has just gone online. In it we talk to Professor Julia Knop about "Quo Vadis, Catholic Church? The crisis and the way out of it."

"The Catholic Church is in one of the biggest crises of modern times," says Professor Julia Knop in our first episode of the new science podcast "WortMelder". In order to find a way out of the crisis, the Synodal Way has been founded - a dialogue assembly of 230 members that is working on reform proposals for the Catholic Church in four forums. Julia Knop, professor of dogmatics at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt, gets to grips with things and likes to talk turkey, even when it gets uncomfortable. She makes her academic expertise available to numerous committees, including the Synodal Way. Here she is a member of the forum "Power and Participation". In the podcast, she tells us more about this important task, about the extent and causes of the crisis, what needs to be done, whether she really has hope for change and why this crisis concerns us all.