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University of Erfurt announces initialization scholarships for female postdocs

As a measure to promote equality, the University of Erfurt invites applications for initialization scholarships for female postdocs as part of the "Female Professors Programme of the German Federal and State Governments" for June 1, 2023. The application deadline is March 31, 2023.

The scholarship is aimed at excellent young female researchers who want to use the scholarship to draft a proposal for third-party funding to carry out an independently planned research project. The focus is on project funding for their own research activities in order to initially gain experience in the acquisition of third-party funding and project planning, as well as in project management if successful.

The call is open to all topics. However, it is expected that the research project will be linked to the University of Erfurt and that there will be active networking with local scientists. The duration of the scholarships is up to twelve months. The funding includes a monthly scholarship of 1,600 euros and, if applicable, a family allowance and a flat-rate research allowance. In addition, the scholarship includes targeted support in the preparation of the third-party funding application, workshop offers within the framework of the "Academic Qualification" programme, support offers from the Equal Opportunity and Family Office as well as individual application coaching for the planned third-party funding project. Subject to capacity, a workspace can be provided at the University of Erfurt.

Detailed information on the call for proposals, the selection criteria and the application documents to be submitted can be found on the University of Erfurt website.