The Erfurt Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programme (EPPP)

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The Erfurt Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programme (EPPP) was launched in 2008 and implemented throughout the university. The structured programme forms the basis for the University of Erfurt's internal Graduate Centres. The Max-Weber-Kolleg also regulates its promotion of young researchers in accordance with the standards of the EPP programme.

The EPP programme

  • bindingly defines the minimum standards for the structured qualification of researchers,
  • assures structures and procedures of the doctorate quality and
  • establishes funding opportunities for young researchers.

Basis of the programme is the idea, that both, the specialist and interdisciplinary qualification, of young researchers is promoted in a targeted manner.

The specialist qualification programme is geared to a research-oriented central theme of the respective research graduate centre. It consists of various regular elements such as colloquia, seminars, lectures, workshops, etc. The elements can be divided into elective or compulsory areas, but participation in a certain number and type of events is compulsory for the collegiates.

In addition, the research centres provide for interdisciplinary qualification courses within the framework of the programme, which are carried out by the graduate centres themselves, by the "Academic Career and Qualification Programme" or by external institutions.

In particular, the programme aims to provide targeted support for the early academic independence of young researchers. Supervision is provided by so-called supervision teams.

Detailed information on the form of supervision, minimum standards, the admission procedure and the funding opportunities in the EPP programme can be found in the EPPP guidelines(only available in German).

For young academics: For information on the membership in the Erfurt Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programme or the application and admission to a Graduate Centre / the Max-Weber-Kolleg, please visit the Graduate Service page.


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