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ErfurtLab invites you to the "Representative Sampling" colloquium

The Erfurt Laboratory for Empirical Research (ErfurtLab) at the University of Erfurt invites you to a colloquium on Thursday, 4 November, which will focus on "Representative Sampling". The event is primarily aimed at empirical/quantitative research colleagues and their students, but is also open to participants from other departments or from outside the University of Erfurt. It starts at 12 noon in lecture hall 5, teaching building 2.

The colloquium is taking place against the background of a growing trend towards the use of representative samples even in subject areas where this has not been the case so far (e.g. psychology, education research, behavioural economics). In the course of this development, which was accelerated by the pandemic-related increased use of online surveys, a number of non-university providers have dedicated themselves in recent years to the development of platforms for recruiting participants. The use of representative samples is often associated with the expectation of a higher external validity of the research results, i.e. a stronger significance of the findings for phenomena and developments in the world "out there".

"Against this background, the colloquium would like to take a critical look at the actual quality of representative samples through a series of keynote speeches and the resulting discussion and explore the question of how far these expectations can actually be fulfilled," explains Dr Thomas Lauer, scientific director of ErfurtLab. To this end, representative sampling will be examined not only from a scientific and methodological perspective, but also in practical implementation. This practical perspective will play a role above all in the lecture by Michael Kunert, Managing Director of the opinion and election research institute Infratest dimap.

The colloquium also functions as a prelude to a series of events that will deal with methodological questions of empirical behavioural research.

Please register by 1.11. by e-mail to Cindy Engel (cindy.engel@uni-erfurt.de).


12 to 1 p.m.
Johannes Bauer (Professor of Educational Research and Methodology // University of Erfurt)
Reality Check - Representative Samples in Empirical Educational Research

1 to 2 p.m.
Frank Renkewitz (Chair of Social, Organisational and Economic Psychology // University of Erfurt)
Representativeness and Heterogeneity

2 to 3 p.m.
Michael Kunert (Managing Director Infratest dimap)
The Challenge of Demoscopy

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