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Digitisation and In-depth Indexing of Manuscripts of the Bibliotheca Amploniana in the University Library of Erfurt

By making the world's largest scientific library of a late medieval scholar, the Bibliotheca Amploniana, should be made available for international research through digital provision and its scientific indexing.

10/2019 - 09/2022

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) :
418 180 Euro

10/2022 - 09/2025

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) :
524 950 Euro

Project management

Gabor Kuhles
Director (Erfurt University Library)


Dr. Katrin Ott

Jelica Dietze

Manuela Griesch-Höhn

Olga Lachenmeier

Andrea Langner

Claudia Möschl

Elke Ulber

The 977 manuscripts of the Bibliotheca Amploniana will be digitalised in two funding phases by the Erfurt University Library and made accessible in the Digitale Historische Bibliothek Erfurt/Gotha (Digital Historical Library Erfurt/Gotha) developed by the Thuringian University and State Library (ThULB) Jena.

In the first project phase, 118 medical manuscripts will be scientifically indexed (so-called in-depth indexing). In the second project phase, 14 more medical and 60 theological manuscripts will be added. The cataloguing work will be carried out in accordance with DFG guidelines under the direction of the Leipzig Manuscript Centre and distributed between Erfurt and Leipzig. The results of the in-depth cataloguing will be continuously made available to researchers via the Handschriftenportal (manuscript portal).

Further Information on the Project

Further information can be found on the project website "Digitisation and In-depth Indexing of Manuscripts of the Bibliotheca Amploniana" on the pages of the University Library (German only)