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HEATCOM - Behavioural data for effective heat communication

The project "Behavioural data for effective heat communication – HEATCOM" investigates how citizens behave in heat situations, which factors influence their protective behaviour and which interventions could contribute to health-promoting adaptation. The aim of the project is to generate evidence that can be used by relevant organisations, authorities or the public health service to design specific communication campaigns and intervention programmes. The project will be carried out using the "Behavioural Insights Approach" according to the COM-B framework. COM-B will be psychologically specified for the topic of heat protection and a new model of willingness to act on heat protection will be developed. In this way, the project provides both theoretical and practical further development in the area of heat protection behaviour and heat protection communication. The project is intended to generate recommendations for heat communication and behavioural science measures for the German heat protection plan as part of a concerted action on heat at the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Health, taking into account the federal responsibilities and with the participation of all responsible parties.

11/2023 - 12/2026

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (BMG) :
911 000 Euro

Project management

Scientific Managing Director (Institute for Planetary Health Behaviour (IPB))

'HEATCOM' is a cooperation project with Phillip Sprengholz, Assistent Professor for Health Psychology at the University of Bamberg.

Insights into our data and summaries of our findings can be found on the project website.


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