Max-Weber-Kolleg Religion, Society, and World Relations Knowledge, Spaces, and Media Research

Making things available. Ownership as an incarnation of our relationship with the world

Subproject in the SFB TRR294 "Structural Change of Property". The project is based on the insight that ownership plays an important role in the establishment and reproduction of our understanding of things, society and ourselves.

01/2021 - 12/2024

Project management

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa
Director (Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies)


PD Dr. Christoph Henning

Henrike Katzer

Lukas Meisner

Malte Janzing

Main project

Related projects

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The project applies qualitative and empirical methods to various practices of the sharing economy to examine whether new forms of ownership and alternative concepts alter the understanding of things, society and ourselves.

Assuming a hybrid field with ‘old’ and ‘new’ practices and following a sociology of our relationship to the world, the researchers aim to determine the transformational and reproductive potential inherent to forms of and alternatives to ownership.