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Establishment of a cross-university "Scientific Coordination Unit for Dealing with the Colonial Heritage in Thuringia".
Project management
Prof. Dr. Christiane Kuller
09/2021 - 08/2024
Several donors
300 000 €
The coordination unit builds on the existing expertise on the topic of "colonial heritage" at the Universities of Erfurt and Jena and aims to network and strengthen activities in the future with regard to research, teaching and social dialogue.
Hidden Histories: Frauen in ländlichen Entwicklungsprogrammen in Indien, c. 1920–1966
Project management
Dr. Maria Framke
08/2021 - 07/2024
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG):
335 000 €
The project is dedicated to contributions of Indian women to rural development programmes from about 1920 to 1966, following the call to include gender as a category of analysis in the history of development. The aim of the project is to examine the role of women in the design and implementation of governmental and non-governmental rural development projects in India in the key areas of health, education and livelihoods, and in this way to re-capture the processes of development and citizenship.…
Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace and Conflict
Project management
04/2022 - 03/2026
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF):
4 000 000 €
The Network investigates how historically formed postcolonial hierarchies manifest themselves in contemporary conflict dynamics and what implications this has for sustainable conflict transformation in the future. To do so, the Network brings together historical perspectives on the contexts of conflict formation (in particular those shaped by colonialism) with postcolonial research perspectives as well as with methodologies and theories of peace and conflict research.These perspectives are…
Property in one’s own body and in the bodies of others in the United States between the eighteenth and twentieth century
Project management
01/2021 - 12/2024
Subproject in the SFB TRR294 "Structural Change of Property". The subproject explores the ownership of others’ bodies based on the history of slavery in the USA.
Voluntariness and Decolonization. The Regulation of Labor in (Post-)Colonial Ghana
Project management
Prof. Dr. Iris Schröder
10/2020 - 09/2023
Subproject in the research group "Voluntariness". This subproject focuses on voluntariness during an era of decolonization and thus on a political principle of (post-)colonial governance. Drawing on the case of the British Gold Coast/Ghana, we explore how voluntary action shaped the political and social order during the transition from late colonial “indirect rule” to independence, while examining how voluntariness became a political and social norm and resource. Our key focus is on the…

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