Change of study subject

Change of subject in the Bachelor's degree programme

According to the framework examination regulations (Rahmenprüfungsordnung), a change of major and/or minor subject is only possible at the end of the 1st year of study upon application. The orientation phase must then be successfully completed in the 2nd year of study in the subject that is being taken up.


Change to a subject with open admission

The application for a change of subject must be submitted in writing to Department 1: Registrar's Office by the end of a summer semester (30.09.).

For a change to the subjects Arts, Music or Communication Studies, a copy of the proof of the special admission requirements must be enclosed.

The re-registration deadlines remain unaffected and also apply to an intended change of subject. For this reason, re-registration in the previous degree programme is required first. A late re-registration fee of 20 euros will be charged. The basis for this fee is the General Fee Regulations of the University of Erfurt.

Change to a subject with restricted admission

If you want to change to a subject with restricted admission, you must apply for admission via the application portal. Please be sure to observe the cut-off deadline (15.07.2022).

Please note that after starting the online application on the portal, the link "Ich bin Fachwechsler ("I am a subject changer") must be selected in the "Subject selection" section. Then select the new sub-subject only for the subjects that are to be changed. For the field of study that is to remain, "wird nicht benötigt ("is not required") must be selected.

The change of subject is carried out as soon as the place of study is accepted in writing in the case of admission.

If you only want to change from a major subject with restricted admission to the (same) minor subject with restricted admission (or vice versa), please submit the following application Antrag auf Zulassung in einem höheren Fachsemesterin addition to the application for admission.


Antrag auf Studienfachwechsel // application for change of subject

Antrag auf Zulassung zu einem höheren Fachsemester (Quereinstieg, nur für zulassungsbeschränkte Studienfächer!) // application for admission to a higher semester (lateral entry, only for subjects with restricted admission!)