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"Kingdom of Kafa": How an Ethiopian researcher approaches his homeland in Gotha

In their home country of Ethiopia, war is raging. For the researchers on site, this is an enormous challenge. Thanks to a scholarship from the Gerda Henkel Foundation, four of them are currently on a research stay at the Centre for Transcultural Studies / Gotha Perthes Collection at the University of Erfurt.

One of them is Zegeye Woldemariam from the University of Mekelle. He was a Herzog Ernst fellow in Gotha in 2018 and is now working on his dissertation project "The Kingdom of Kafa: An Ecological and Political Ethnohistory from the late 14th to the early 20th Centuries". We met him and asked him about his work for our research blog "WortMelder".

Read the article in the "WortMelder" her (in German only).