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Master of Education starts the winter semester with innovations

The University of Erfurt has completely revised its master's program "Educational Science - Innovation and Management in Education" and is starting the winter semester 20/21 with the reaccredited master's program "Educational Science - Management and Research in Education".

The subject of the study program is the combination of in-depth educational science knowledge with new approaches to a market-oriented and sustainable pedagogy. The students analyze current social problem areas and reflect on their consequences for educational science. They acquire knowledge in the management of educational processes and structures as well as in the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects. The Master's program combines educational theories with empirical methods. Students acquire competences in the areas of leadership, methods and communication and are enabled to work in public and private institutions in the extracurricular educational and scientific sector. Fields of work and research include educational research, vocational training, general educational science, social pedagogy, special education, school pedagogy, but also children's media.

The program opens up numerous career perspectives, e.g. in extracurricular educational institutions, in special education or social education institutions, with educational institutions of vocational training and further education, in adult education, in institutions for children and youth media or in educational technology companies.

Students wishing to study the Master's degree in "Educational Science - Management and Research in Education" at the University of Erfurt need a relevant Bachelor's, Master's or Diploma degree with 60 credit points in Educational Science, comparable to the Bachelor's minor in Educational Science at the University of Erfurt, and a final grade of 2.0 or better or alternatively, the completion of a non-relevant course of study of at least 6 semesters and with an above-average result (2.0 or better) and proof of two years of relevant professional experience in at least one of the fields of work and research of the Master's program. Special language skills are not required.

All information about the program, admission and application can be found on our website at: www.uni-erfurt.de/en/studies/course-offerings/master/education-management-and-research-in-education. Application for the winter semester is possible from April 1 to July 15.