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Call for Applications: Fellowships for Female Early Career Researchers

The University of Erfurt is granting scholarships for female post-doctoral researchers as part of the “Thuringian Programme for the Promotion of Young Women Academics” for research visits starting from September 1, 2022. The application deadline is June 06, 2022.

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Two short-term scholarships for three months and two long-term scholarships for twelve months will be granted to researchers who are conducting research on the holdings of the Gotha Research Library, including the Perthes Collection. Depending on their research, the fellows will be assigned to the Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt or to the Centre for Transcultural Studies/Perthes Collection.

Applicants, whose research is compatible with the research focus of the Centre for Transcultural Studies/Perthes Collection and who are interested in the extraordinary and rich Gotha holdings from the late 18th to the 20th century, are cordially invited to contact us prior to application for more information via fkts.gotha@uni-erfurt.de.

We welcome applications from the historical sciences, the history of science, literature, media and visual studies, regional and political sciences working from a historical perspective, as well as ethnology, anthropology and collection based research with an interest in history. We expect a fundamental interest in inter- and transdisciplinary questions, as well as an interest in questions of post-colonialism, globalism and approaches also reflecting upon contemporary social issues.

We are especially looking forward to contributions to the following research areas:

  • Explorations - Knowledge in the Field
  • Maps - Nature - Science: Genealogies of an Elective Affinity.
  • Collecting Things of Knowledge: Towards a Transdisciplinary Collection Research
  • Selling Knowledge: Publishing History and Other Knowledge Economies”

This does not exclude other proposals that exceed the mentioned topics.

More on Research at the Centre for Transcultural Studies/Perthes Collection. (For further information, please follow this link)

For further information of/on the application procedure, please see the call for application.


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