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New service for lecturers: Digital semester reserve collections

The digital semester reserve collection (Semesterapparat) in Moodle is a new service for lecturers at the University of Erfurt. The University Library and the eTeach team have now announced this.

Teachers can now add the "Semesterapparat" activity in their Moodle rooms via "Aktivität oder Material anlegen" (create activity or material) and thus create semester reserve collections digitally in the Moodle course room and/or physically in the library. In this way, the university library can be directly instructed to scan pages from works and make them available as pdf files in the Moodle semester reserve collection.

With the Moodle semester reserve collection, lecturers can make works available to students in three different forms or via three different channels:

  • physically: The works are made available – as usual – via the library staff on a shelf on the 2nd floor of the Erfurt University Library.
  • digitally as a scan: The employees of the Erfurt University Library make a scan of the work or an excerpt of the work and make the pdf document available in the Moodle semester reserve collection.
  • as a link (external document): If the work is a freely accessible source (possibly in the university network), lecturers can insert the link to the work themselves.

All forms of provision can be mixed within a semester reserve collection.

The semester reserve collection is created for one semester at a time, i.e. at the end of the semester, the books are removed from the physical semester reserve collection in the Erfurt University Library and the Moodle semester reserve collection is deactivated.

It will still be possible to have a classic printed semester reserve collection set up in the library. You can find more information on this at: www.uni-erfurt.de/en/university-library-erfurt/borrowing-services/borrowing-media/course-reserve-collections.

For a brief introduction to the new service, the eTeach team and Erfurt University Library invite you to visit
on Mon 15 April at 12.00 (s.t.) and
on Mon 22 April at 14.00 (s.t.)
in the virtual eTeach office https://uni-erfurt.webex.com/meet/eteach.

Teachers are also welcome to send questions about the semester reserve collection to semapp.ub@uni-erfurt.de.