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Results of the 2021 first-year survey are available

At the beginning of their studies, first-year students on Bachelor's, Master's and Magister degree programmes at the University of Erfurt are invited to take part in a first-year survey. The survey asks, for example, about the sources of information for the decision to study at the university, the personal motives for taking up the respective degree programme and information about the transition from school to university. The results of the 2021 survey are now available.

The aim of this survey is, among other things, to improve university marketing and to provide the study programmes with information on the study motives of their students, as well as to gain a picture of whether students come to the university directly from school or have already completed an apprenticeship," explains Christian Reimann, member of staff at the Quality Management Office for Studies and Teaching at the University of Erfurt.

The results of the survey are evaluated according to specific topics, for example for university communication, for the International Office, for the Office of the Equal Opportunities Officer and are also made available to the respective study programme managers.

This year, 852 students took part in the survey. This corresponds to a participation rate of 46 percent of all students in the first semester of the winter semester 2021/22. You can find selected results in a short note. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Quality Management in Studies and Teaching.