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Presence Workshop in Jena - YES: FROM PHD TO INNOVATOR 2023

How much startup is in your PhD? Discover the potential of your research topic and awaken your entrepreneurial spirit in the workshop programme of Young Entrepreneurs in Science! Our workshops help you to look at your project through the lens of an entrepreneur and make your ideas tangible.

Info YES workshop September 23
YES Workshop 09-2023

Awaken your entrepreneurial spirit! In our two-day workshop for doctoral students and postdocs from all disciplines, you will playfully discover your entrepreneurial skills. Guided by professional coaches, you will develop ideas for a potential business case in small groups. The workshop will take place on both days between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm in Jena. Participation is free of charge and requires no previous knowledge.


Haus für den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs „Zur Rosen“
Johannistraße 13
07743 Jena

Register by 06th of September 2023 at the following link:


Would you like to learn more about the programme and the Falling Walls Foundation?

We make scientists into sciencepreneurs

We want to open up new career perspectives for highly qualified, early-career researchers and channel their expert knowledge into entrepreneurial endeavours. Through learning methods such as Design Thinking, Young Entrepreneurs in Science encourages participants to discover and share their inherent competencies and potential. The involvement of startup founders and intrapreneurs of innovation-oriented companies gives participants realistic and stimulating insights into the chances and challenges of entrepreneurial activity.

Entrepreneurial thinking does not start with a business plan. We aim for a more playful approach by asking you: How much startup is in your PhD?

We are changing the culture in academia

We believe that all of Germany’s 200,000 doctoral candidates have the potential to become entrepreneurs. The skillsets and key qualifications required to obtain a PhD are similar to that of an entrepreneur: Working with passion on a topic, finding solutions for problems and promoting ideas in front of a highly critical audience. But what if they have not yet had the opportunity to reflect on their expertise from an entrepreneurial point of view? What if their academic environment is not yet, or only minimally shaped by entrepreneurial spirit?

Young Entrepreneurs in Science’s vision: we want to stimulate cultural change towards more decisiveness and entrepreneurial desire among doctoral candidates, postdocs, and their supervisors, thus, in academia as a whole.

We promote science through community and exchange

Young Entreprneurs in Science is part of and enabled by the Falling Walls Foundation in Berlin, initiated in 2017 by the chairman of the board of trustees, Prof. Dr Jürgen Mlynek. Falling Walls is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to communicate science and research to the public and to promote inter- and transdisciplinary exchange. Since 2009, the Falling Walls Conference brings together an international community of distinguished figures working in the realms of science, politics, business and culture, each year on the historical day of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 9 November. The programme of the Falling Walls Foundation further includes Falling Walls Venture, Falling Walls Lab, Falling Walls Circle and Falling Walls Engage, and the Berlin Science Week.

We connect the actors of Germany’s science and innovation landscapes

Young Entrepreneurs in Science promotes the creation and development of regional networks for entrepreneurship and innovation with the help of strong partnerships in academia and in business. Our company partners make themselves known among science talents of their region, promote their programmes for corporate entrepreneurship and therewith invigorate the environment of knowledge exchange and business development in which they are operating. Our university partners enhance their startup activity by motivating early-career researchers to move from Graduate School to academic startup and incubation units and thereby obtain a reputation as incubators for innovative startup ideas and excellent research transfer.

Have fun!

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