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»Entwicklung« als Paradigma

Patrick Becker and Knut V. M. Wormstädt (eds.)

Reflexionen zu einer nachhaltigen internationalen Zusammenarbeit
Bielefeld: transcript, 2023
ISBN: 978-3-8376-6245-0
214 pages
39 EUR (print // as PDF open access)

Modernity brought with it the promise that humanity's problems could be solved through technical, medical and social progress. This was the basis of the development paradigm that was almost unchallenged in the West until recently. In the meantime, ecological problems and economic inequalities are fuelling criticism, which finds expression in the Fridays for Future movement, for example. The contributors question the paradigm of progress by using interdisciplinary and international-culture-sensitive discourse to ask for a contemporary understanding of development cooperation and also look at alternatives to the prevailing Western model.