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Ein Student am Beratungsstand von Dezernat 1: Studium und Lehre an der Universität Erfurt
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The Erfurt University Library is offering Coffee Lectures again in the summer semester 2021 - in digital form due to the pandemic.

What is it like to study in Erfurt? Is it easy to find a flat or a room here? What is student life like? Is it easy to get to know fellow students? Does studying here differ from taking the Abi? And how do I find the right degree programme for me?…

When Mufutau Muyiwa sets his mind to something, he usually achieves it. Difficult tasks and great challenges magically attract the Nigerian. And of course that also applies to his academic career...

Are Erfurt's construction sites a curse or a blessing? What are pink moments in Rieth or how many Fynn Kliemanns are there in Erfurt? Students at the University of Erfurt asked themselves these and other questions as part of the photojournalistic…