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Zwei Studierende mit Büchern
Study system

Focus: Study structure & application

Who can study? What can I study? How is the study programme structured? How can I apply for a degree programme? What does admissions restricted courses or numerus clausus actually mean? Prospective students have many questions. In this live presentation and the subsequent video chats, we would like to explain the study system to you and answer your personal questions.

We will show you how you can apply for admission-free or admission-restricted degree programmes.

Information on the application

International students
International students

Focus: international students

You come from abroad and would like to study at the University of Erfurt? The International Office can provide you with information on admission requirements and language requirements.

You are an international applicant and would like to study at the University of Erfurt? The International Office provides information about admission and language requirements.

Come study at the University of Erfurt!

Lehramt Studium Uni Erfurt
Teacher training

Focus: Teacher training

Teacher training at the University of Erfurt takes place in the Bachelor's and Master's degree system (first the Bachelor's degree and then the Master's degree). The degree is equivalent to the 1st state examination taken at other universities. The studies are followed by the preparatory service, which ends with the 2nd state examination. At the University of Erfurt you can start training for the following teaching professions:

  • Vocational schools,
  • Special Needs Pedagogy,
  • Primary schools,
  • Secondary schools.

Do you want to become a teacher?

Bachelor-Studentin mit Schild
Bachelor's programme

Focus: Bachelor's programmes

The University of Erfurt offers you a graduated study system. You first complete an undergraduate Bachelor's degree. This can be followed by a consecutive (postgraduate) or (e.g. after an appointment) a further education Master's programme.

All degree programmes are modular. Modules, in turn, are made up of sub-modules. Within these sub-modules, specific courses are offered, such as lectures and seminars. The time required for study is expressed in credit points according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (LP/ECTS). The expected workload corresponds to a 40-hour week in the semester, including statutory holidays.

to the bachelor's programmes

Focus: Master's programme

Catholic Theology

Theology + X = Your studies at the University of Erfurt!

Preview Video Theology

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Students & alumni tell their stories

Information on the degree programme, contact persons and application:

on the Catholic Theology degree programme

Studierende im Master-Studium
Master's programme

Focus: Master's programmes

The University of Erfurt offers Master's programmes that are academically in-depth and teacher training-related, as well as a further education Master of Public Policy. The standard period of study in all cases is 4 semesters, i.e. 2 years. The master's programmes each comprise 120 LP/ECTS.

to the master's programmes

Focus: And after the Bachelor or Master?

Founders Service at the University of Erfurt

Start-up advice - ideas get structure

Our vision - The "Social Impact Campus": We want to promote innovative, responsible and intercultural action with a Social Start-up Campus at the University of Erfurt. The combination of sustainable and scalable business brings financial, ecological and ethical benefits into harmony.

To the start-up consultation

Promotion of the academic career

Career paths

The expansion of career paths for academic graduates and for academic employees before, during and after the doctorate and the promotion of academics at all career levels is an explicit goal of the University of Erfurt. The corresponding career options and academic personnel development measures either support the professional (further) development as a scientist and the improvement of appointments or serve to qualify for professional tasks outside the university.

Before the doctorate

Funding before the doctorate

Graduates who wish to pursue a doctorate can be supported in their preparation for the doctorate phase. So-called predoc or doctorate preparation scholarships are awarded with the aim of preparing an exposé for the doctoral project and obtaining funding for the planned doctorate. Furthermore, budget-financed or third-party financed positions are advertised for academic employees at the university, the requirements of which include a willingness to do a doctorate.

Career funding and scholarships

Students in the seminar room
Learning languages

Focus: Language learning & language requirements

The Language Centre offers around 140 language courses per semester in 16 modern and ancient (foreign) languages. It supports you in acquiring new language skills and improving existing ones, for example English, French, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Turkish and Russian. In addition, depending on demand and staff availability, other languages are offered, such as Chinese, Polish, Czech, Modern Greek, Arabic and Ivrit.

In addition to foreign languages, the Language Centre also offers a specific programme of courses in speech training and the associated teaching of rhetorical skills.

Offers of the Language Centre

Get to know us!

Presentation of the Language Centre

Video presentation of the Language Centre

Preview Video Language Centre

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Student Globe
Study abroad

Focus: Study & internship abroad

You want to go abroad for one or two semesters during your studies? ERASMUS+, for example, offers you the opportunity to study in another country and thus expand your social and intercultural competences in addition to your professional skills. The International Office will be happy to advise you on the subject of studying & doing an internship abroad.

FAQ about the semester abroad

Get to know us!

Video presentation of the International Office

Vorschaubild Video Studium im Ausland

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University Library

Focus: University library as a place of learning

Our libraries - Erfurt University Library and Gotha Research Library - combine new beginnings and tradition. With their modern information and media holdings and historical collections, they support research, teaching and study at the University of Erfurt. In addition, they make their historical collections and special holdings available to national and international research.

As the "central laboratory of the humanities", today's university library was opened in 2000. Its holdings span 750,000 volumes on open shelves and 400,000 volumes on stacks. The university library unites media from all subject areas under one roof and offers sufficient space for reading and working.

Erfurt University Library

Get to know us!

Video presentation of the Erfurt University Library

Preview Presentation University Library

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Focus: Lernwerkstatt as a place of learning

A variety of teaching-learning formats are offered here: Learning workshop seminars from different subject areas and didactics as well as informal formats such as workshops, film evenings, projects by students for students. And during the free opening hours, student teachers can study there on their own.

to the Lernwerkstatt

Podcast #Workshop Talks

Student auf Wohnungssuche
Student Union

Focus: Thuringian Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk)

The Studierendenwerk is responsible for the economic, social and cultural support of students at the state universities in the Free State of Thuringia and thus makes an important contribution to an optimal study environment.

In Erfurt, the Studierendenwerk offers a wide range of services:

From daily supplies in the cafeterias and dining halls to the provision of rooms and flats, comprehensive support with student financing, social counselling services, childcare and support for cultural projects.

To the Thuringian Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk)

Studentin mit Sparschwein
Finance studies

Focus: Student financing

The Office of Student Financial Aid of the Studierendenwerk is, among other things, the contact for questions regarding the financing of studies. As a major source of funding for studies, BAföG is a particularly attractive form, as it only has to be repaid to a small extent.

An online application via makes the application process much easier and can contribute to a quick decision on the application. All data entered is also checked for completeness. So if you have not yet submitted an application, it is best to do so immediately. You can receive funding from the beginning of the semester.

Costs & Student Financing

Student beim Umzug nach Erfurt
Residential offers

Focus: Housing

The Studierendenwerk manages eleven residential homes in Erfurt and offers students attractive and well-equipped accommodation. The rents are particularly attractive - they are affordable (on average 250 euros per month) and include all operating costs including water, electricity and heating costs.

Most of the flats are furnished and well connected to the universities' data networks. Caretakers are quickly on site for repairs, among other things. Anyone interested can get an overview of the residential homes online. Some places are still available.

Living in Erfurt

Studying with child(ren)

Focus: Studying with child(ren)

Balancing studying and raising children is a particular challenge for student parents. The University of Erfurt has therefore set itself the goal of providing the best possible support for mothers and fathers bringing up children.

The flexible childcare "Räuberhöhle" is a facility of the Thuringian Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk) and the University of Erfurt. Here, students and employees have the opportunity to have their children aged between twelve weeks and seven years looked after by the hour. The day care centre "Campus-Kinderland" is located directly on campus in the Max-Kade-Haus. The facility offers care for 80 children from the age of 1.

Study, child and family

University Sports Club

Focus: University sports

The Universitätssportverein Erfurt e.V. (USV) provides the entire range of university sports for students and employees at the University of Erfurt and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. With more than 150 courses in over 80 types of sport, USV Erfurt offers a very wide variety for sporting activity on a grassroots basis. Many of these events take place in the sports hall or the beach volleyball court on campus.

In addition to classic ball sports such as football, basketball and volleyball, the range also includes sports such as karate, climbing, floorball, ultimate frisbee and trampolining. But fitness and health courses such as Aroha, back school and yoga are also on the programme and are enjoying growing enthusiasm.

University Sports Club (USV)

Events on the HIT

Presentation of the USV Erfurt

ERFURTER HOCHSCHULSPORT is organised by USV Erfurt e.V. and is aimed equally at students at the University of Applied Sciences and the University of Erfurt.

Presentation of the University Sports Club (pdf)

Video presentation of the Universitätssportverein e.V.

Vorschaubild Video USV

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Focus: student initiatives & partners

Even more university groups, student initiatives and student communities...

Studying is more than just attending lectures and learning. In the numerous university groups you can meet new people, get involved in student issues and take on responsibility. The university groups, student initiatives and student communities present themselves at the Market of Opportunities at the start of the semester.

Join in, get involved and learn for life...

Overview of university groups on the University of Erfurt website

Brochure university groups at the University of Erfurt (pdf)

On the road on campus and in the university town

360 degree tour of the campus

virtueller Rundgang Uni Erfurt

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IGTV Campus Tour with Hannah

Hannah bei der Campusführung

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The University of Erfurt is a campus university. Unlike many other universities, teaching and administrative buildings as well as important service and research facilities are not spread throughout the city, but are concentrated on the university campus and can therefore be reached quickly. Follow us on our digital walk ...

continue to the campus tour

On the road with Veronique Sophie & Madame Tamtam

Video Erfurt Veronique Tamtam

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IGTV Erfurt Tour with Hannah

Preview city tour

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Discover the university city of Erfurt! Erfurt - that means culture, joie de vivre and relaxation, whether at the cabaret, concerts or a leisurely stroll between Krämerbrücke and the cathedral. Erfurt - that also means finding job prospects and shaping professional dreams.

continue to the university city of Erfurt

Your contact persons

student advice and counselling

Anne Zimmermann
Student advice and counselling
(Department 1: Registrar‘s Office)
Verwaltungsgebäude / first floor (front entrance)
Office hours
in person: Mondays to Thursdays 12-15 p.m. and by appointment

by telephone: Monday to Friday 9-11:30 a.m.

Organisation & Technical Support

Coordination Open Day and Discovery Days
(University Communications)
Verwaltungsgebäude / Raum 1.29

Social Media & Technical Support

Online editing
(University Communications)
C02 - Verwaltungsgebäude / Room 1.29

Information for parents

Eltern unterstützen ihre Kinder beim Studium

You are about to graduate from high school or have (almost) done so. Now comes the next step on the path to professional life. Study in Erfurt, for example. But this needs to be well planned. As parents, you naturally want to support your child in their orientation and probably have many questions. Don't worry: the University of Erfurt is at your side! Together with our experts from student advice and counselling and with mentors who accompany our students on their way to a Bachelor's or Master's degree.

Brochure "Help, my child wants to study..." (pdf)

Information for prospective students

Even more offers...

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Study orientation further information
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Students in front of the KIZ
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