Well organised through the first semester

Practical tips for the start of your studies

Whether you are a first-year student, a student who has changed fields or places of study, or a " newly enrolled" Master's student - the start of your studies at a new university is associated with many questions.

What does it mean to be "enrolled"? Who can I talk to if I have questions about my studies? Where can I find what on campus? What additional offers are there at the university and how can I integrate a stay abroad into my studies? How can I finance my studies? How do I find a flat or room in Erfurt and what do I need to consider? And last but not least: What leisure activities are there?

Here we would like to help answer your questions, provide important information and introduce you to contacts for all aspects of studying at the University of Erfurt. We wish you a good start to your studies!

Start your studies together and well supported

The student orientation days (STET) take place the week before classes begin. As a first-semester Bachelor student, students from the higher semesters, your student tutors, are there to support you. Organised in small groups, you will learn a lot of interesting and exciting facts about studying and student life in Erfurt.

Student orientation days (STET)

The first step: matriculation and registration

"Matriculation - registration - is an administrative act by which a person becomes a student and thus a member of a higher education institution."

What may sound so bureaucratic means admission as a member of the university and, at least for first-semester students, is usually the official start to their studies. At the opening of the student orientation days, students are officially welcomed and accepted at the university.

to the application and enrolment pages

The second step: creating a basis

Searching a flat

The start of your studies is usually associated with moving out of your family home and moving to a new city. You can find important information about student housing, finding accommodation in Erfurt and housing costs as well as other tips on our pages about living in Erfurt. The application deadline for student housing at the Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk) is 1 April (for the start of the winter semester).

Living in Erfurt

Financing your studies (BAföG & Co.)

Even though the University of Erfurt does not charge tuition fees*, you must firmly plan for certain expenses for your studies per semester. You can find an overview of the costs as well as information on financing your studies on the pages on Costs & Financing. BAfög is paid from the month of application and the month of matriculation** at the earliest. Therefore, it is best to apply for funding as soon as you have been enrolled.

Costs & Financing

*Exception: Further education Master's degree programmes and degree programmes with certificate qualification
** Matriculation and registration takes place at the beginning of the winter (1.10.) or summer semester (1.4.).


The start of your studies marks a new phase in your life in many respects and is accompanied by many changes. Of course, questions are bound to occur. On the following page you will find contacts for all questions about studying at the University of Erfurt. 

Counselling services at the University of Erfurt

The third step: Here we go

You can find all important information on the topics of registration and attendance of courses, examinations, legal information, re-registration, change of study direction, grade report, study abroad and Studium Fundamentale in the brochure  "My Start into the Bachelor's Programme"or further down on this page.

As soon as you have been accepted for your degree programme, you should carefully read the study and examination regulations, the module handbook and the course catalogue. Here you can find out about the structure of the degree programme, about elective and specialisation options and the required credits. You can also use your subject advice and counselling for your study planning.

Are you studying at the University of Erfurt as part of an exchange programme? Please see the pages of the International Office.  

Important tools for starting your studies

Teaser thoska - one card for everything
Student card (THOSKA) One service card for all
Teaser Uni-Account
Basis: Your University Account Login for various university services
personal mail account Mail system for students
Campus Wlan

Especially for online teaching, wifi on campus is a crucial requirement. You can install "Eduroam" on your smartphone or PC and then use it free of cost.

Information on the campus wifi (eduroam)

Study organisation

Student Orientation Days (STET)

During the Student Orientation Days you will be informed about the contents and progress of your studies. Lecturers, students (tutors) and the Dezernat 1: Studium und Lehre (SuL) will make the start of your studies as easy as possible for you, in particular your timetable for the first semester is available at the end of this week. The tutors will show you the university, the faculty buildings, the library, the language and computer centre. You will get to know your first fellow students with whom you will also explore the city.

to the Student Orientation Days (STET)

Language Skills

For individual fields of study (subjects), the mastery of foreign languages is mandatory or recommended. The requirements can be found in the respective examination and study regulations.

Placement tests for these foreign languages are already offered during the STET. Information about the requirements, the procedure of the language tests and language studies as well as contact persons for the individual languages can be found on the website of the Language Centre or by calling 0361/737-2700.

Computer and E-Mail Account

Student Advisory Service

Expected Time Expenditure per Semester/LP

My First Timetable

Examination and Study Regulations, Module Descriptions

Course catalogue

You can find your course offerings for the coming semester under My Courses

Sorted according to fields of study and modules, you will find all information on the courses here, which will be updated here until the start of the reservation period.

Semester Schedule

The semester schedule, which contains the most important dates for your study planning, can be found here.

Orientation Phase

Registration and Attendance of Courses

Participation in compulsory courses during your studies is guaranteed, while attendance of elective courses may be limited to a certain number of participants, so that you must go through registration procedures. 

You will be informed about these procedures in the course catalogue or in the courses themselves. The lecturer decides on your admission in the first two sessions

Belegung (Enrolment), exam registration

If participation in the courses you have chosen is assured, you must register for the courses and module examinations within the third and fourth week after the start of the ,,Belegung" in order to register for the courses and module examinations. 

During the STET, the tutors will introduce you to E.L.V.I.S.® and inform you about the registration procedure. Please file the online created and printed ,,Belegbogen" with your documents.

After clicking on ,,Binding register for the courses and printing out the form" you send your evidence to the Department 1: Studies and Teaching and generate a printout which serves as evidence.

Submitted bookings are binding and cannot be changed! After the end of the reservation period, reservations will only be accepted if there is a reason for non-booking for which you are not responsible!

Module Examinations and Examination Dates

You can find out everything about the module examinations and dates from the lecturer in the first two weeks of the event. You should also enter the agreed examination performances in your timetable at the beginning of the semester. Module examinations are also scheduled during the lecture-free period. 

Please note that you will only be admitted to retake a module examination if you have taken the first examination on the first date. According to the general examination regulations, the examiner is obliged to fix your module examination grade, i.e., if applicable, the grade of the repeat examination, no later than the beginning of the lecture period of the summer semester or the end of the first half of the lecture-free period after the summer semester. Collect all the original certificates in your study documents.

Deception in studies

The University of Erfurt sanctions attempted cheating in examinations. Various measures have been adopted across all faculties. You will be warned at the first attempt at cheating. Even the second attempt at cheating leads to the loss of your examination entitlement and thus to the end of your studies at the University of Erfurt.

Illness during examinations and events with compulsory attendance

If you fall ill and it is foreseeable that you will not be able to take part in an examination due to the illness or that you will not be able to meet the deadline for a written examination, or if you miss a course that you are required to attend due to illness, you should immediately consult a doctor. The doctor can confirm your inability to take the examination due to illness on the form you have filled out in advance.

You must send the application with the doctor's confirmation immediately either to the University of Erfurt, D1: Study and Teaching, or as a photoscan to pruefungsangelegenheiten@uni-erfurt.desenden.You can also use the mailbox at the main entrance during the period of notice.

As a rule, the sickness notification must be received within three working days. The decisive factor for timely receipt is not your examination, submission or course date, but the time at which the illness-related inability to take the examination was established.

Information and form for notifying illness


Zwei Studierende mit Büchern


To continue your studies, you must re-register semester by semester. In particular, you must pay the fees, contributions and charges associated with your studies. You will be informed of the exact amount by e-mail at the beginning of the re-registration period. Receipt of payment is deemed to be an application for re-registration.

Re-registration deadline:

  • Summer semester from 1 January to 15 February
  • Winter semester from 1 June to 15 July.

The date of receipt of the money on the University of Erfurt's account is decisive for re-registration on time, not the order date of the transfer. Please note that even in the case of a real-time transfer, a bank processing time must be planned for, especially if it is at the weekend or on a public holiday. In case of late receipt of money, a late fee of 20 € will be charged.

Once payment has been received in full, you will receive an e-mail stating that you have been re-registered and that you can print out your enrolment certificate under E.L.V.I.S.. You will also need to extend the validity period of your thoska (student identity card) at the validation machines provided.

Further information on re-registration

E.L.V.I.S. study account

E.L.V.I.S. Study Account

When you enrol, courses and module examinations are shown in your E.L.V.I.S. study account via "My grades". Towards the end of the semester, you can also call up your grades here.


Mandatory internship

A compulsory internship must be completed in the main subject. This combines your studies with professional practice. It should usually be completed during the lecture-free period. Further information on this can be found in the module catalogue of your major subject.

Semester Ticket

By paying your semester fee, you have acquired a semester ticket which is valid for parts of the services offered by Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe AG and selected routes of DB Regio AG. You can find an overview of how to use the semester ticket here.

Cultural semester ticket Erfurt: free admission to museums etc.

With the cultural semester ticket, students in Erfurt receive free admission to numerous municipal cultural institutions. This means free admission to Erfurt Theatre and the municipal Arts and History museums as well as the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Thuringian Folklore.

Information on the cultural semester ticket

The fourth step: thinking outside the box

Of course, studying does not only consist of lectures, seminars and examinations. There are also numerous events and offers that enrich everyday study life.


Language courses, sports and engagement

Studying is the perfect time to immerse yourself in a new language or to deepen existing prior knowledge. You can get involved in various committees and interest groups such as the student council (StuRa) or the student representative bodies, support projects such as a student newspaper or take advantage of the offers of the university sports club. 

Learn and improve languages during your studies

University groups & student initiatives

University Sports (Universitätssportverein USV)

Health promotion offers

Study or internship abroad

Whether you want to organise your semester abroad individually or are interested in studying at one of the University of Erfurt's partner universities - the following information will help you on your way to studying abroad.

ERASMUS Programme

University partnerships

Your way to study abroad

Studierende bei der Krämerbrücke Erfurt

Get to know the campus, Erfurt and Thuringia

Already curious about the university complex? Then take a look at our campus virtually or on site. Take advantage of the semester ticket and get to know all facets of your city and the region.

virtual campus insights

travel through Thuringia with the semester ticket

"Culture flat rate" - free admission to Erfurt's theatres and museums

Erfurt - your university town

Nice to know

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