Special Education and Inclusive Pedagogy (phased out)

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Bachelor programme

Degree Profile

Begin of study
winter semester
6 semester
Academic degree
Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
full time and part time
Faculty of Education
Tuition fee
semester contribution only
Admission restriction
restricted admission
Dual-subject Bachelor
major subject

The degree programme "Special Needs and Integrational Pedagogy" is being phased out. Students who apply now will be enrolled in the new degree programme "Special Education and Inclusive Pedagogy".

Bachelor's programme Special Education and Inclusive Pedagogy

Course Details

In the main course of study in Special Needs Pedagogy you will acquire knowledge of:

  • Educational Science,
  • Social science,
  • Psychology.

The course of study enables you to gain a deeper understanding of disability and disadvantage. The focus is on individual, social and societal conditions.

This also includes the acquisition of essential knowledge in basic German or mathematics. The course of study familiarises you with central issues and working methods of special education and integration pedagogy.

Special Needs Pedagogy in Detail

Structure of the study program

The bachelor's degree programme at the University of Erfurt comprises a major and a minor subject (two-subject bachelor's degree) as well as the fundamental course of study. It aims to impart specialist content and occupational field orientation as well as interdisciplinary skills. The standard period of study is six semesters.

Orientation Phase (First Year)

  • special educational needs
  • special educational fields
    • Pedagogy for people with intellectual disabilities
    • Pedagogy for people with learning disabilities
    • Pedagogy for people with disorders in social and emotional behaviour
  • Foundation in general education subject (German or mathematics)

Qualification Phase (Second/Third Year)

  • at least two special educational fields
  • Bachelor thesis: on an educational science topic, on a basic subject or on special needs education


The major and minor subjects differ in terms of the content and scope of the course. In the major subject a Bachelor thesis is written.

Examinations regulations Special Needs Pedagogy 2012

Master Programmes


It is no longer possible to apply for this degree programme. However, you can apply for the new Bachelor's programme:

Apply now for Special Education and Inclusive Pedagogy!

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