Another contribution to more sustainability on campus

A new photovoltaic system with 117 KWp has been put into operation on the roof of the Centre for Communication and Information (KIZ). In the future, the electrical energy generated with it will be completely consumed on campus.

The University of Erfurt is thus making a further contribution to the sustainable use of resources. A photovoltaic system had already been installed on the outer façade of the listed high-rise building (MG1) on the University of Erfurt campus in 2010. It has been in operation since December 2010. Its 352 solar modules have a nominal output of around 28 KWp and are expected to produce around 17,300 kWh of solar electricity per year. This means an approximate saving of about 2,500 euros per year in electricity not purchased.

In addition, further photovoltaic systems are being planned on the campus: on the west side of teaching building 1 (with 137 KWp) and on the roof of the sports hall, which is currently being renovated (with 148 KWp). Completion is planned for 2024. In addition, a 39 kWp PV system is to be installed on staff building 2 in the course of the upcoming refurbishment.


Stefan Doogs
Leiter Betriebstechnik
(Department 4: Facility management)
C02 - Verwaltungsgebäude / Raum 0.15