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Awards for Professor Holger Zaborowski

Professor Holger Zaborowski has now received two awards: Bishop Dr Wilmer appointed the Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt as a member of the working group for socio-political issues of the Commission for Social and Societal Issues of the German Bishops' Conference.

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In addition, Zaborowski was appointed professor honoris causa in artes liberales at the International Institute of Hermeneutics for his many contributions to philosophical hermeneutics. The Institute, which has been in existence since 2001, is an independent, international and interdisciplinary research institution whose mission is both to promote research in the field of hermeneutics and to support educational institutions in integrating hermeneutic methods into teaching. In his speech on the occasion of the award, Professor Zaborowski spoke about friendship as a very special kind of relationship and as a gift that not only binds two people together for a lifetime, but can also give hope with regard to humanity as such. For friendship, he said, shows how the differences between us can be overcome by wanting each other well and therefore also trusting each other.

You can download the entire speech in the margin.