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"Campus-Kompass": New podcast about studying and living in Erfurt

The University of Erfurt has a new podcast. The "Uni & Erfurt – Campus Kompass" was created by students with the support of the Language Centre.

The podcast offers insights into studying at the university and life in the Thuringian state capital. For example, there are tips on starting your studies and the best places on campus and in the city, little anecdotes and much more. There's a new episode every week, the first one went online this week – you can listen to it at open.spotify.


Sophie Laufer
Sophie Laufer
Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben
(Language Centre)
Gebäude C03 - LG 1 / Raum 322 (Lehrraum) bzw. Gebäude C03 - LG 1 / Raum 348 (Büro)
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