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Gotha Research Centre starts summer semester with new programme

The Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt is starting the summer semester of 2023 with a new programme that includes international conferences as well as scientific lectures.

For example, Professor Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann (Berkeley) will discuss Reinhard Koselleck, the sociologist Prof.essor Hans Joas will reflect on the secularization thesis, and the former head of the German Literature Archive Marbach, Professor Ulrich Raulff, will examine the history of taste. The planned conferences are dedicated to medical and scientific knowledge in the early modern period (conference on Daniel Sennert) as well as European interconnections around Friedrich Melchior Grimm. In addition, an event from the winter will be made up for: The author and book designer Judith Schalansky will present a volume of writings by the polymath Thomas Browne. And in the colloquium "Intellectual History", doctoral students, post-docs and visiting scholars will present their ongoing research.

link to the programme