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New publication: "Society Theory" by Hartmut Rosa and Jörg Oberthür

Modern societies are characterised by permanent change and conflict-laden dynamics. Social processes with diverse intended and unintended consequences cause a high degree of complexity of social phenomena. Against this background, the question of the possibility of a 'conceptual bracket' to describe and process them is more urgent than ever. A new book by Hartmut Rosa, director of the Max Weber College of the University of Erfurt, and Jörg Oberthür (University of Jena) aims to update the answer to the question of the changing nature of society in three ways.

Firstly, this introduction to the theory of society uses selected theorists to familiarize the reader with the development of the essential basic concepts in the social sciences and illustrates their application in concrete, subject-related analyses. Secondly, this book represents an attempt to survey the debates on social theory. Finally, it is also a plea for a strong concept of society that takes up contradictions, dynamics and tensions without abandoning the goal of achieving a better understanding of the 'whole'.



Hartmut Rosa und Jörg Oberthür
UTB, 2020
ISBN: 9783825252441
300 pages
25 EUR