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Guest lecture on language(s) of liturgy

What constitutes an appropriate language of liturgy? This question will be the subject of a digital guest lecture by Professor Alexander Zerfaß from the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg, to which the Theological Research Centre of the University of Erfurt cordially invites you on Thursday, 17 February at 7.15 pm.

With the enabling of vernacular services through the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council, the question of an appropriate liturgical language has taken on a new urgency and complexity. The parameters of translation theory and liturgical theology have shifted several times since the Council. The lecture explores the topic on the basis of relevant church documents and exemplary prayer texts and attempts to define the function of ritual language.

Professor Alexander Zerfaß has been a university professor for liturgical studies and sacramental theology at Paris Lodron University Salzburg since 2015. After studying in Mainz, he completed his doctorate there on poetry, theology and liturgy in the hymns of Ambrose of Milan and later habilitated on the hermeneutics of the reading of Scripture in the liturgy of the Word. His research foci are liturgy of the day, hymnology and liturgy and the Bible.

If you have any questions, please email Dominique-Marcel Kosack (dominique-marcel.kosack@uni-erfurt.de).

The event will take place digitally via the WebEx tool. After the lecture there will be an opportunity for discussion.

link to the event