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Home in transition?

At the invitation of the Catholic-Theological Faculty of the University of Erfurt and the Catholic Forum in the State of Thuringia, Thuringia's Minister President Bodo Ramelow and Erfurt's Bishop Dr. Ulrich Neymeyr will discuss the question "Is our home country in upheaval?" in front of invited guests on Monday, October 5th. The event at the Coelicum will be broadcast live on the internet from 7:30 pm.

"Does your home country no longer exist?" This question, posed ironically in a conversation, points to the human need for localization. There are different conceptions of "home", but they all have in common the reference to a relationship between man and space. Whether the term can still be used in view of its appropriation by the political right is hotly debated, as is its core thesis: that there is a relationship between man and space, however it may be thought of. How is our homeland changing? What significance do origin, biography and profession have? And what traces do influences such as the Corona pandemic leave behind in the term "home"?  The fireside chat on October, 5, will deal with these and similar questions.

The fireside chat replaces this year's cloister talks, which were traditionally held in May by the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Erfurt and the Catholic Forum in the state of Thuringia, but had to be cancelled due to Corona.

The discussion is streamed live and can be pursued in the Internet under https://youtu.be/U5K0RPJekUE.