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Kreuzgang Talks: "God?!"

The Faculty of Catholic Theology and the Catholic Forum in the State of Thuringia invite all interested parties to their joint "Kreuzgang Talks" in the Erfurt Cathedral in 2022. This time they are entitled "God?!" and start on Wednesday, 4 May.

Who is that actually - God? What does it mean to believe in God? What are the consequences of monotheism, the belief in one God? And is belief in God at all plausible? For a long time, people thought these questions belonged to a bygone era. Today, however, they are being asked again with renewed urgency. The Corona pandemic, religiously motivated violence, the abuse crisis in the church or even the questions about the meaning of one's own life lead again and again to the question of God. This question does not let us go so easily. It is at the centre of this year's "Kreuzgang Talks".

In the first discussion, Gesine Schwan asks about the political consequences of faith in God. In the second discussion, Eckhard Nordhofen shows how anarchic faith in the one God is. And finally, Jörg Phil Friedrich asks whether it is at all plausible to believe in God. The impulses will be followed by an opportunity for discussion.

Wednesday, 4 May | 7:30 pm
The political God
Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan, Political Scientist and President of Humboldt-Viadrina Governance
What is the relationship between politics and religion? What consequences does the Christian belief in God have for political action? And does our late-modern society need God, or should belief in God
in God be a purely private matter?

Wednesday, 11 May | 7:30 pm
The anarchic God
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Nordhofen, philosopher and theologian
God is not a part of the cosmos but its creator. With this realisation, Israel once crossed a decisive threshold in the history of religion. As YHWH, the "I am there", he is never and nowhere not there. This makes him the great counterpart of the world and an anarchic elemental force. YHWH creates a distance from everything that is the case. And every ruler should now know that there is an authority above him with whom he must share dominion and before whom he must justify himself.

Wednesday, 18 May | 7:30 pm
The plausible God
Jörg Phil Friedrich, philosopher and publicist
Although there is no proof, there are good, reasonable reasons for believing in a God. With him, it becomes understandable that humans, as free beings, are endowed with a moral conscience, a sense of beauty and a penchant for truth - obvious attributes of being human whose explanation eludes natural science.

Registration is requested by e-mail: kath.forum@bistum-erfurt.de. Admission is free, but a donation is requested.
Please note: The "KreuzgangTalks" will take place under the current pandemic containment rules.