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Mättig Scholarship 2023 for Cornelia Müller

Cornelia Müller has been awarded the Mättig Scholarship 2023. She received this prize of 1200 euros for her doctorate on "Fire and firefighting in the 18th and 19th centuries using the example of the Upper Lusatian towns of Bautzen, Görlitz and Löbau", which is being supervised by Professor Susanne Rau at the Department of History at the University of Erfurt.

Cornelia Müller on the award ceremony.

The Dr Gregorius Mättig Foundation from Bautzen awards an annual scholarship to promote young scholars' achievements (bachelor's, diploma, master's, doctoral theses and/or their publication) in researching, developing, preserving and presenting the cultural and historical heritage of Upper Lusatia and Bautzen (including indirectly the history of Gregorius Mättig and his foundations). The scholarship is intended to directly support the scholarship holder's academic work, the publication of his or her work or the continuation of his or her academic career. The award ceremony now took place during a festive service in St. Petri's Cathedral in Bautzen.