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MAXQDA License for Students and Staff

The University of Erfurt is now offering a MAXQDA university license (Analytics Pro) to all students, employees and members of the university. This is a software for qualitative and mixed-methods data analysis.

The license can be used by all university members on both official and private devices. Access is via EduVPN. Computers and laptops supervised by the University Computer and Media Centre (URMZ) that already have an old installation will be automatically adjusted via ZENworks in the next few days. The license will be available in the pool rooms from May. Those who already have and use the software (in version 2022) on a self-administered or private device only have to change the licence (click on "Change licence" in the programme and enter the server information there). The necessary information and the download link will be provided by the University Computer and Media Centre (URMZ) on request (softdist@uni-erfurt.de).

Please note: The new license replaces the existing licenses - portable, single-user, subscription. These will be deactivated on May 11. Only the university license can be used then.

further information

Nicole Ackermann
Mitarbeiterin IT-Dienste und Infrastruktur
(University Computer and Media Centre)