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New publication: "Gargilius. Gesundheit aus dem Garten"

A new publication by Kai Brodersen has just appeared in Reclams Universalbibliothek (Reclam's Universal Library): "Gargilius: Gesundheit aus dem Garten".

Gargilius collected ancient knowledge about health from the garden in Roman antiquity. His works take us into a world in which some illnesses from head to toe, more precisely: from hair loss to corns, were treated with remedies from fruits and vegetables. Gargilius shows how herbs and vegetables from basil to onions and fruits from apples to lemons, properly applied, promise to alleviate or cure ailments. It is therefore no wonder that reading his writings was already recommended in antiquity: They pass on historical advice on how to eat right and keep healthy.

Kai Brodersen, Professor of Ancient Culture (Antike Kultur) at the University of Erfurt, has now made all of Gargilius' surviving works available in two languages for the first time in a Reclam edition. An interview with the medical theorist Professor Robert Jütte also shows what ancient knowledge about health from the garden can also be important for people today.

Kai Brodersen
Gargilius, Gesundheit aus dem Garten.
Reclams Universalbibliothek 14251, Stuttgart 2022
ISBN: 978-3-15-014251-6
220 pages