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New publication: Mathematics for Reading Plato

A new book by Kai Brodersen, Professor of Ancient Culture at the University of Erfurt, has been published by wbg in Darmstadt under the title "Theon of Smyrna: Mathematics for Reading Plato".

"In order that those who are unpractised in mathematics and who desire to read Plato's writings may not be deprived of the fulfilment of this desire, we wish to offer a compact exposition of the necessary knowledge and the most useful mathematical theorems." Thus Theon of Smyrna, in the early 2nd century AD, introduces his work Mathematics for the Reading of Plato. According to Theon, numbers, sounds and stars are harmoniously connected in mathematical relationships. Therefore, he explains the general foundations of ancient knowledge about arithmetic, music theory and astronomy in a didactically skilful way that goes far beyond Plato.

Kai Brodersen has produced the first German translation of the work and now presents it in a bilingual edition. The volume offers all those interested an access to Plato and the history of ancient science that is as authentic as it is original.

Kai Brodersen (Ed.)
Theon von Smyrna: Mathematik für die Platonlektüre
bilingual edition
wbg Academic, Darmstadt 2021
352 pages
80,00 EUR (for wbg members 64,00 EUR)