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New blog post of the Gotha Research Library: Between Fiction and Truth - Mertin Tauber's report of the Russian Empire in the Time of Ivan IV.

In the tough struggle between Sweden, Poland-Lithuania, Denmark and Russia for supremacy in the Baltic region, the Russian Grand Duke and first Tsar Ivan IV (1530-1584) waged war against the Livonian part of the Teutonic Order. In the Battle of Ermes (Ērģeme) on 2 August 1560, some 70 members of the Order were captured, including the Land Marshal of Livonia, the Commander in Golding and a Knight Master of the Riga Chapter. Most were executed in the following days, the others were taken to Moscow. Mertin Tauber was among the latter.

Tauber's report
Title page of the report. FB Gotha, Chart. B 307, Bl. 30r.

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